Attitude is All




This bloody disease,

Will bring me to my knees,

And still there is no known cure.

They don't know how it starts,

Nor it's constituent parts,

Of that you can be quite sure.


Our twelve year fight,

To keep most things right,

Has been a long long road.

Things will get worse,

Because of this curse,

We carry a damned heavy load.


We try lots of new things,

Some help they all bring,

So follow an alternative route.

The medics all sneer,

We keep up our good cheer,

Plod on in alternative boots.


Keeping a positive view,

Is not something new,

Chose 'positive' right from the start.

No room for depression,

'Enjoy Life' is our expression,

Quality first and lightness of heart.


We try to live in the 'now'

Please don't ask me how?,

It's simply the best way to live.

Every moment enjoy,

Find a positive ploy,

We receive, but it's better to give.


Our motto is 'use it or lose it',

You sure wouldn't choose it!

Try all kinds of exercise and dancing.

Do frequent short walking,

Help voice by much talking,

Have lots of love, sex and romancing!


We hold onto our hopes,

On these slippery slopes,

And pray for some bright new discovery.

Some breakthrough will happen

Research effort won't slacken,

So we experience a miracle recovery.


Be certain, have no doubt,

Within you and without,


Live your life complete and fully,

Fight the Parkinson bully,

















Great work, should be stickied imho



I  have since 1999 visted NTGH  for my regular appointment, each time with much hope of the news of the hoped for breakthrough, but no only dissapointment,, since 1999 I have waited while taking every known anti parky drug waited and waited while the BLACKHEART THUG takes its toll of cells from a brain whose grave is half dug, No thats not stricktly true as my wish is the mass in my head will be gifted to science,to be sliced and  diced but not until Im dead, so even when I rejoin the stardust from whence we came ,I will look down and see that I am still in the game contributing to science for humankinds gain.




its not over yet. yes each day that passes make the odds worse, only a fool or a liar would say otherwise. but there are increasing definite possibilities.  there is so much activity that it hard to keep track - the shear number means that some winners will come through. the targets are much much clearer. its not over yet mate.


I know you are right my friend, but  I feel like I am carrying a heavy deadweight up hill and each day more weight goes on and the gradient is steeper, yet I can see my goal tantalisingly on the horizon ,I am trying I just hope my strength holds , but  lets not dwell on the negative its christmas day my Mother is joining us for dinner she is 94 and a bit batty at times but we have the same sense of humour so  it will be a good day.

                                  Have a great day        Fed