Atypical PD PSP - ring a Bell?

Hi there! Thanks for letting me in. I am Danish living in Køge some 50 km south of Copenhagen, married, 2 adult children, 3 Grand children. I am 65 years old. I was diagnosed PD May 2014 and re diagnosed April 2017 Atypical PD PSP (Proggressive Supranoclear Parese) It is my hope to make contact to others with the same diagnosis; PD PSP, in order to find out the best possible way of living whith it, I have tried the Danish and the Swedish PD Facebook fora, however, without any results.

Hi Skibeka,

Welcome to the forum. How have you been getting on since your diagnosis?

This is a great place to ask any questions and find support from people who understand.

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                       I was almost  completing a post to Mr Skibeka,  wellcoming  him in his  own  language  when, in a instant it was replaced  by  cookie  info, now I am very , well  upset  is a understatement as It took some  time  to  gather  the  words  I needed,  and then  more usefull Danish  words which are  hard  to  spell  never mind form  them  into  sentances,  so  im  going  now  as  if  I  go  on Ill  make mistakes Im  so angry

                                                        Thankyou  FED4evil

Not been on the forum for a while I took my wife to see a different consultant last Friday and he says she has PSP. This is after being diagnosed in October 2013. Progressive being the operative word. He said to keep taking Sinemet as it helps and to face problems as they arise and that he will continue to see her.

          All the Best to you all    Billy