'atypical' tremor

My neuero says my tremor is 'atypical', he says it is too rapid compared to the expected PK tremor. He told me to get my thyroid checked, but this is OK. Anyone else have a rapid tremor? any ideas?
Do you drink enough water
A few months back I was told my tremor was due to inhalers taken for c.o.p.d. and not PK, he said to continue meds and thought my PK meds were doing "Quite Well" :question::question:
Hi jjbx1. Years ago I had not long been diagnosed with Pd. And, I had the same problem as you. I was tested for an over active thyroid gland, which was positive and was given medication to correct the problem .Which sorted it out,unfortunately I still have PD!
Thanks for the replies. I think I drink enough water and my thyroid activity is OK (+ specialist stated categorically that a large benign nodule in my thyroid would not cause the tremor). Not aware of any other problems at present.
Getting a second opinion tomorrow from another neuro, let's see if he has any other ideas.
atrial fibrillation ?