Australian drivers medical

can anyone who has had an australian drivers medical give me any advice on what to look out for, level of disability that cause loss of licence etc? dont expect a problem but a negative result would be very awkward.
Hi Turnip,

maybe the site will help you. They have some information sheets on driving tests for PwP, with the RTA in mind.

Let me know if this is useful or not.

Kind regards,
hi Rico
avoided the test.hadnt seen the doctor before so not sure what to expect. turned out to be a breeze (no relation). now have a beautiful holographic nsw licence with my lovely mug on it.
Hi Turnip and Rico,

I gather you are probably Aussies or live there permanently. I am coming to Oz in September and intend to drive while I am there. Because of PD I only have a three year uk licence (which was renewed last October). I had no poblems last year when I came to Australia but you have set me wondering if they asked the reason for the short term licence could I have o undergo a test?

Have g day
I dont think you have any problem if you are in Australia for less than 3 months.

Hi Janey,

Agree with Turnip, should be no problem. The link he posted states such.

As long as your UK licence does not expire during your stay here (which I would not think it would).

Are you visiting NSW BTW?

Best wishes,