I have been deeply interested in all kinds of Aviation since I was 6yrs old, but
something is happening, I sit here with my TAPLOP until 3 or 4am collecting pics
of Aircraft from all over the world, I have thousands stored on my Little LENOVO
I have tried to stop but I cant I have become a Aviation UBERGEEK , with the
combination of LENOVO and the latest Registration Manual,I sit for hour after hour
chasing my prey all over the globe and get a real satisfaction when the Aircraft
is caught and stored, I am a UBERUBERGEEK am I not, Answers on a postcard to
fedexlike CO Parkinsons Forum.
I am going to bed now Night Night Fed xx
There are worse things you could be fixated on Fed.

Do you just collect the images or do you look at them from time to time? When I was a teenager my friends all had posters of pop stars on their bedroom walls. I had centre spreads from aviation magazines showing cutaway pictures of aircraft!!

Now I have an app that identifies aircraft in the air and track and identify the aircraft I see flying across the large expanse of sky I can see from my window. Geek or .........?:rolling_eyes:. You are not alone.
much worse. but anything is a problem when it causes harm - to finances, health or relationships.
At last, a kindred spirit, I use Flightradar24.com and RadarBox24.com to track and
store the pictures, and every now and then I go into my photo gallery and run a
slide show, all the pictures are first class and I just cant stop collecting them
I know it sounds a bit :fearful:geeky but really for anyone who appreciates Photography especially Aviation Photography its not surprising,I am addicted to
this hobby,what system do you use worrals,and has it the same effect on you,I also
use Picture viewer as every slide is crystal clear, sometimes the odd one in
Photo Gallery is blurred. Well worrals I am about to build a Mk9 Spitfire , I will have to do it on the kitchen table as my workshop has not been repaired yet
after the fire, There will probably be stuff such as tools that can be salvaged
but it breaks my heart when I open the door.
:fearful::sunglasses:Kindest Regards. UBERGEEK Fed:rolling_eyes:
Hi Fed. Flightradar24 yes, but I don't keep the photos. I just like to know what is flying and where they are going.

I got together with my husband through flying and we both shared an interest in anything aviation connected, from models to jumbos and everything in between. I miss that. :disappointed:.
Hello worrals, I was interested to read you were involved in the flying community
was it a flying club, I was lucky to have a good friend who also was a instructor
we used to rent a Piper warrior and I learned to fly that way, I was going to go
for my Licence when parky struck and that was that, do you stil go to Airshows.
I am shutting down so must wish you a good night
kindest REGARDS fed
Hi Fed

It was a gliding club. My o/h had been gliding for some years when I met him. I had wanted to learn to fly since I read an article in my Girl (remember that?!) Annual about the ATA. I was 41 when I went solo. It was magic - I remember it as if it was yesterday.

We never got to air shows because we always seemed to be flying ourselves when they were on but we did manage various aircraft museums in the 'off' months. And we were always looking at the sky - it is amazing what you see flying if you look hard enough! :smile:

Maybe this is another thread we should continue in Social!

Hope you are on the mend now from your recent hospital stay. All the other happenings will take longer. Perhaps like me you are hoping for the rest of 2013 to be uneventful, routine and, well, maybe even a little boring!:wink:

Hello worrals
where do you live in relation to Elvington Airfield North Yorkshire if its not to far we could arrnge a get together of all who are close enough to this Ecellent Museum, I FEEL THAT A GREAT TIME WOILD BE HAD.
Well I am off for my nightly battles wars fearsome night terrors, I even wake my neighbours with my screams so good night to you all my friends KIND REGARDS fedex:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::smile::grin: