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I am new to the forum and would like to some advice my husband has [quote=“carml, post:1, topic:13814, full:true”]
Hi, I have been recently diagnosed, while still waiting on a possible Parkinsons Plus diagnosis. According to my Neurologist I have it the last two years. I am on Sinnemet and Azilect but on last visit there has been no dramatic improvement of symptoms which are slowness, rigidity and fatigue and also footdrop. I have a splint on my leg and use a stick. I do feel a bit in limbo at the minute not knowing if I have Parkinsons Plus. Hoping that maybe someone has experience of a similar situation that might know how long it takes for a confirmation of same. I am in my mid fiftys. Thanking you .

changed so much past few months in his mobility and I feel he is getting worse quickly but are waiting to go back to have these dat scan explained as he had dat scan in November 22 and still waiting

to go back and have a face to face we received letter stating the results below but as yet no one to see for medication Waiting for diagnosis

Can anyone explain my husbands dat scan results
were reduced uptake of the basal ganglia

Hi Angie,
We would recommend reaching out to our helpline on 0808 800 0303. They can help with sorting through diagnostic information, among other things. Please don’t hesitate to give them a call.
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My husband had a lot of hot sweats and very cold feet during the day and feeling dizzy.
We have a appointment may to see neurologist as he has had dat scan and this is for results and a face to face as this has took 5 months to get a appointment
Anyone else have these symptoms please