Awareness week 2012

Be careful folks, that you don't get arrested when fund raising. Our local secretary told us the other day that when out with the collecting tin, we were not allowed by law to shake the tin in front of people. A bit ironic I thought to tell a Parkinson's sufferer not to shake. What next.

I agree Ginger. I will be collecting outside Tesco. My wife will be assisting me as I can trust her not to shake the tin. If I just stand there shaking my arms people might take pity and give more generously.

I don't think that you will actually be arrested for shaking your charity tin.

The offence would come under Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 - which makes it an offence to use threatening, abuseive or insulting words or behaviour in a public place. British Legion poppy sellers were told in 2009 not to shake their tins at the public in a threatening manner (Daily Mail 02/11/2009) and I would suggesst putting a tin into the face of a little old lady outside a Supermarket may (just) meet that criteria. However the occasional jingle of a few coins in a pot held by your side is hardly threatening or abusive. In any case, should anyone complain, and in the unlikely event of the Police even bothering to send an Officer to investigate such a pety and mean minded complaint, S5 POA says that you should recieve a warning first, before you are arrested. Provided you comply with the warning you will not be arrested.

This really should not put people off charity collecting in the street, which for many years has been an excellent way of fund raising, and to my mind part of British culture.

I hop this helps,


007 (shaking but not stirred!)