Ayurvedic massage

I am on holiday in India and have had 5 sessions of traditional ayurvedic massage over a period of 3 weeks; hour long sessions of full body massage using oils which have to be left to soak in for a couple of hours after the massage.The first 15 mins or so is head massage which feels fantastic.
I didn't particularly expect any 'results', I just thought it was a pleasant and relaxing thing to do. However after 3 sessions I noticed I am MUCH less stiff than usual especially re turning over in bed, getting out of bed, putting socks on etc. This is despite the fact that I usually do lots of exercise and have done very little while here on holiday.
Has anyone else tried this treatment? Is this an expected outcome? Is there any research? Are there many ayurvedic practitioners in the UK? My masseur speaks little English so I cant really talk it through with him. I have booked 3 more sessions before I leave making 8 in all costing me £60 altogether!