Ayurvedic Treatment (Chikitsa)

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My Dad was diagnosed with PD last year and someone who also has it has recommended to him Ayurvedic Treatment. Has anyone come across this or is there anywhere we can get professional opinion on it?

I hve a more detailed document on it if that helps

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I suggest that this form of medicine shows all the fruitloopery of the con artists of the world.

My view is to BEWARE.

But, I'm not your keeper, do what you want to do.

I wouldn't touch it
Look at the prices charged for this treatment. See page 10 and others of this document.


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'fruitloopery' - what a great word.

'In Ayurvedic medicine, disease is always seen as an imbalance in the dosha system'

your dosh balance goes down and theirs goes up.(a joke)

The three doshas that need balancing are wind, bile and phlegm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dosha

They are composed of ether, fire, air, earth and water.

That's the standard scientific view from about 1300AD. Not to say that their concoctions don't contain substances that might be beneficial.

I was going to say it won't do you any harm but unfortunately
'two U.S. studies finding about 20% of Ayurvedic treatments contained toxic levels of heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic.'

On the other hand many people have been killed and harmed by modern medicine too. Never heard of anyone getting compulsive gambling from Ayurvedic medicine. Just heavy metal poisoning.
'Chikitsa' isn't that a song by ABBA.

From the lyrics I remember I've no idea what it's about. Catchy tune though.

Maybe it's a new dance therapy like a Scandinavian Zumba type thing.

You can get the song for around 70p from itunes. So I'd avoid paying £499 for a CD, DVD and dance mat + Membership + Fees.
hope your dad is doing well. what treatment is he on?
best wishes
Hi ST83,

I know close to nothing on Ayurvedic , but thought I might add that the folowing three points:

1. Like many other traditionan indian medicines, I presume that Ayurvedic
emphasises relaxation, meditation, and good quality breathing. As far as I can tell these are all positive things for someone suffering from PD. Stress aggravates PD and poor oxygen in the brain clearly is not good either.

2. I believe there's a strong chance that PD is caused by an imbalance somewhere in the body (which may perhaps be accentuated by some special pre-disposition we may also have). But from my side, being a rather analytical person, I've been trying to find out what are my "inbalances" through tranditional doctors and things like blood tests. Having said that, if a Ayurvedic doctor can figure some imbalance out, hey why not? It's not like I can say that my traditional doctors and blood tests have found me a ready answer to my imbalances.

3. I do agree with turnip that the points he mentioned are pretty worrying. I'd be very carefull about giving someone with PD stuff that contains toxic levels of heavy metals or any other stuff you have no idea of what they might contain. So, if you do go down this road, maybe double check with a real doctor any Ayurvedic products that they may prescribe to your dad before he starts taking them. Also remember that some "herbal" stuff can be pretty powerful and the fact that they often don't require a prescription isn't any guarantee that they are inocent. For example, it is easy to order a bottle of herbal mucunia extract pills from the internet without any prescription and these pills are essentially L-dopa pills.

All the best for your dad,

I had regular ayurvedic treament for about two years and found it really helpful at the time. I didn't continue with it as it became too difficult to get the medicines from India and to self administer the oil treatments. Ayurveda is however a wonderful system of medicine which can really help on lots of levels and I'm very happy with the benefits it gave me for those 2 years. It doesn't cause horrible dyskenisia's and compulsive behaviour problems either!