Azilect& dopamine agonists

Hi Every one I am looking for advice on dopamine patches when taken with Azilect(rasaline) been recently to see my consultant who has suggested i might like to consider the D A patches ,the decision lies with me, I have been diagnosed nearly 3yrs can still do everything, except walk at normal pace ,I have read the pd treatment book it is useful, but would be better if i could read first hand from anyone who has used it.
thanks for comments in the past, always nice to keep in touch
regards to all Marie.
Hi Marie,

I found the Dopamine Agonists very good at helping me to walk at a 'normal' pace again.

I've searched a couple of links out directing you to relevant forum posts

Best wishes
hi cutiepie , Thanks for directing me to the right link, much appreciated i have read a few of the comments and think I will have a chat to my pd nurse ,
thanks again take care regards Marie:grin:
hi marie, i was on the patches and azilect but having been changed from the patches to mirapexin i can now see they did,nt actuslly help that much now i am on mirapexin and azilect i feel things have improved greatly but thats just me they might work for you good luck, sue.
Hi Lilly, nice to hear from you, still not sure whether to jump or stick, walked mile's on Sunday seems to be maximum at moment also go a aqua fit & tai chi plus wii board balance. watch this space , best wishes Marie:grin:
hi marie, good for you they say exercise is good for pd i have,nt been on the wii for ages i usually go on the sports with my youngest son, i went swimming for the first time in about 6 yrs the other week i could hardly walk the next day felt like i had been to the gym every one at work was laughing at me but i did enjoy it so i suppose it was worth it you keep doing what you enjoy and i hope the meds are ok.sue.
Hi Sue,hope your ok now after your swimming experience.
Having talked to pd nurse I have decided to stick with azilect & say No to D+A.
regards Marie:grin: