Azilect follow up trial

This year (around March) we will know whether Azilect is neuroprotective or not. I hope it is. We'll know soon.
Also interesting:

So, even though the 1 mg group met all its endpoints, the fact that the 2 mg group did not presents a conundrum. In their last paragraph, the authors of the paper write: “Given the negative findings for the 2 mg dose, we cannot definitively conclude that rasagiline at a dose of 1 mg per day has disease-modifying effects.”

MJFF: It’s difficult to understand why the higher dose would not achieve the same results as the lower dose.

KK: That’s true. There is some speculation that this had something to do with the symptomatic power of the 2 mg dosage. These trial enrollees were very early-stage patients. Perhaps the symptomatic benefit to those who started on the 2 mg dose resulted in such minimal symptoms that by the end you literally couldn’t see a difference between the treated group and the control group.

To test this hypothesis, the researchers separated the data for those participants on both 1 mg and 2 mg whose disability was more severe — a UPDRS score of 25 points or higher, still relatively mild in relation to PD overall but more severe in relation to the enrollees in this trial — and conducted the analysis on these data separately. In this after-the-fact analysis, both the 1 mg and 2 mg groups hit all three endpoints.
Another interesting fact:

Murer et al [6] found that rasagiline improved the release of Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

And now lets wait untill March :wink:.

The TEMPO study actually shows Azilect to be neuroprotective. I don't understand why the TEMPO study isn't considered conclusive ???