Azilect shortage

My wife is struggling to get supplies of Azilect. Anyone else having same problems?

What is best thing to do to search for supplies?
the only thing to do is to try other pharmacies - phone round.
azilects effects last for several weeks so it is not as urgent a problem as other drugs.
Thanks Turnip. Any idea what is causing the shortage from suppliers
there seems to be a general problem, i suspect the shippers may be cutting back on their inventories in difficult times and azilect is VERY expensive. i would try and build up a little inventory of your own!

Having trouble posting reply so hope 3 replys dont turn up!!

Just to say I had trouble with Azilect (Rasaliline) prescription so asked doc for 2 month prescription and now hold one pack in hand just in case. I did hear manufacturers were selling abroad as they can sell for higher price than here. Not sure how true that is.

i believe azilect's patent expires next year so the price, which is very high, will come down and lots of people will be given a generic cheaper version. i don't think azilect is made in uk but may be mistaken. Teva are based in israel with very large presence in the usa ($100,000,000 of azilect)
Thanks for messages. Getting the medication today and chemist has said she will order regularly and build up a stockpile given (a) my wife is the only customer with PD and (b) the drug company seem to be rationing the drug
excellent news. strange that teva are not trying to flog as much as possible before the patent runs out.
azilect stuffs up the protein moab which soaks up dopamine. one a protein is stuffed it stays stuffed. it take several weeks for the body to replace the proteins so although azilect itself has left the building, its effect lingers on.
DAs last a relatively long time but levadopa is extraordinally short lived. so shortages have different time scale - though DAs should not be stopped abruptly.