Hi I've just been prescribed Azilect and after reading the exhaustive side effect list I'm wondering wether the pros of the drug are flattened by the Russian roulette game of the side effects or are the manufacturers just covering every angle
for most people azilect is well tolerated. if it helps keep your quantity of ropinerole down it might even reduce your total risk of side effects as the biggest risk is obsessive impulsive behaviour due to ropinerole. on the other hand you need to be very careful not to take extra azilect especially if you are fond of cheese and wine.
test results from the manufacturer are shown here
Thanks good job I dislike wine :grin:
Actually if you look at the leaflet for many drugs nowadays they have an astonishing list of side effects to cover the manufacturer as has been said. A lot of the side effects listed for the Sinemet and Azilect which are the only ones I take read more like an exhaustive list of Parkinsons symptoms and I take this to be because it is in fact very difficult to unscramble whether any particular symptom is from the drug or from the disease itself. I presume (trust!!!) the specialists are more able than the patient to make a judgement in any particular case.
hi just to say ive decided to give the azilect a try.Hopefully side effects wil stay where they belong on the side lines