can anyone tell me if they are having problems getting hold of azilect ( rasagline )  the real brand azilect small white round tablets with gil 1 wrote on them !  not the generic type oval ones . as my chemist is telling me there is a problem with the manufacturers. thank you 


Gus, if you type into your search engine, "stock problems azilect" the results second down on mine comes back as this "I have spoken to several people who are having big problems getting azilet,manufacturing problems" and that is from 2009.

Unless drug companys are totally incompetent with their products 7 yrs apart I think not don't you.?.

Hi Gus

My pharmacy took a few  days  to get  Azilect in last month, whereas they keep generic Rasagiline  on the shelf. Have, to reorder Azilect next  week. May depend on pharmacy chain - mine keeps changing  hands, now  called Well , part of Bestway  group.

well , we will see if they live  up to their name.



hi  thanks for your replys the woman at my chemist did say her suppliers were having trouble  ! she reckons they will have some in about 10 days

Hi gus.

I had Azilect for about 6 years till a couple of months ago. Also a similar experience w,ith Mirapexin. Now I am given the generic form of both. I was told simply they were much cheaper! I just hope they are equally effective. Hope you have a successful outcome. EM

thank you em,just waiting for azilect to come in chemist ,all sorted out at gp .