For five years I have been taking Azilect.It has now come off patent and the chemist has given me  different brands.Does anyone know if Rasagiline tartrate or Rasagiline mesilate is the same as the original Azilect,please?

My box of Rasagiline says R (as mesilate)



    Mine has never changed,is as is dating back to 2009.Will advise if change.

                Take care



Hi again,

            Just picked up my usual monthly Azilect.Still the same,from Teva.(as mesilate).


Hi Again peejay,

            It seems to me that the(since late 2015)generic rasagiline meds are all rasagiline(as tartrate).The original Teva produced meds are rasagiline(as mesilate).

            Through a technicality,Teva managed to acquire an extension to the sole manufacture of rasagiline(azilect).This is why they have had sole reign with the drug for so long.However,now the drug has been released to other pharmaceutical organisations.The design,shape,texture etc,may vary.The way the product is stored or shelf life of the product can be enhanced by various techniques during the manufacture and processes with the actual salts.I think this is the only difference in the tablets you have now been given.The actual drug that serves its purpose is still the same.

            This is how i see it.However,like yourself,i would feel much better sticking to the Teva version i have been on for the last 6 1/2 years.

                               All the best


My pharmacy started giving me generic Rasagaline rather than Azilect. (They also did this with Requip/Ropinirole). I asked my  GP to change my prescription to Azilect rather than Rasagaline). If your prescription states the generic medicine the pharmacist can supply any version but if the prescription states Azilect they can only supply the branded version.

Hope this makes sense. 

I took advice from PUK helpline, the link below is their advice.

i was put on azilect in september,every thing was ok until February when the chemist gave me generic ( rasigline ) i took for a couple days and notice a big difference phone chemist they said i have to speak to gp and get them to put azilect on my precription which they did and have had no trouble since. i think pd is hard enough to manage meds anyway without chemist changing them.who is to blame gp or chemist

generic version releases the medication different this is why you can notice the difference especally with pd meds ie dopamine release not steady like real tablets



Hi gus, I have been on Ralnea Ropinirole for six years, then  I had a letter from my GP stating due to cutting cost he was changing my meds to a cheaper brand ie., Eppinix Ropinirole I'm all for cutting costs, but not at the expense of my health. I suffered with my general health, my walking became more of a shuffle, they effected my balance, I felt the effectiveness wore off to quickly, I soon phoned my GP and are back on my previous brand of meds, they have made a vast difference, it shows we don't have to accept the cheaper meds, we have to stick up for ourselves

All the best - Sheila 



where do they get off ! i would not mind if they said you had choice and if generic no good put back on brand name .


Don't worry I am now back on my original brand of meds and feel loads better!!!