Baby steps

I thought who better to ask than people who might have dealt with this problem themselves
My outwardly obvious PD symptom has moved from my Hands shaking to not being able to move off walking I have to take baby steps then after a few steps I walk normally. It’s as if my feet are glued to the floor it is happening most of the time now. It started when I had to walk through a doorway flyscreen but now it’s all the time.
Does footware make a difference.
Is it better with tighter fitting shoes.
Is there an exercise that might help
Waking with a stick

I walk about 3 miles.a day with my dog and I rarely miss a step.

With my OH I instigated a walking on the spot whilst counting one and two loudly and then when the rhythm set in walking forwards and still counting one and two. Maybe stop when you have the baby steps and use the above method? It did help my OH but I had to do the counting!!

Hello there, this is not an uncommon problem in PD and you may find this helpful

As explained by benji counting can work. There are also walking sticks available that have a light to give a visual cue and a while back I was reading about shoes which did a similar thing. It is a symptom I too have, not all the time but enough to be something I need to be aware of, for eg I don’t use escalators any more. The main but not only reasons that seem to stop me moving are changes in flooring doorways, not concentrating/trying to đo too many things at once. What work’s best for me is to look ahead not down or close ie look through the doorway or other end of the room or path, or concentrate on moving by visualizing the movement sometimes accompanied by counting and/or arm swinging to get rhythm and momentum and most of all accept it happens , be aware it is unpredictable and not worry about it too much I always manage to get going again!