Bacillus subtilis

Has anyone had any experience of baciillus subtilis? I have read that some researchers claim that it can reduce symptoms of PD and possibly even start to cure.

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Yes, there new research suggests that a bacteria which boosts digestive health can slow – and even reverse – the build-up of a protein associated with Parkinson’s. If you’d like to learn more about this, we have more information on our website here:

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Hi Ned and all,

Can report that I purchased a pot of 120 Bacillus subtilis capsules (Lactospore Plus) on-line from a bona-fide source. It is recommended that they are taken on an fairly empty stomach, so I took the first one during last night

Can report that I’m still alive and apart from being bashed by a known assailant for the misdemeanour of snoring, there have been no side effects.

Will keep you posted.


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You’re our guinea pig. Let us know if you survive :slight_smile:

Don’t know what else it is doing, but I’ve been taking Bio Kult for a week and I’m not constipated any more.

I’ve been taking B. subtilis for two weeks now, started right after I read the news. I take 20 bn CFUs/day, twice the recommended daily maximum dose. I haven’t felt any bad side effects at all, and I believe my symptoms are clearly better now. I was diagnosed in June and have only had mild symptoms, mainly reduced motor control in my right arm and hand. From using mostly my left hand when typing on a computer keyboard and not being able to play the piano for more than few minutes, I now type with both hands and can play the piano for hours. I’m not “cured” in any sense, and this could be imagination, wishful thinking, random variation and a lot of other things, but I feel the probiotics lead is very interesting with fairly strong scientific indications and well worth trying out. I’ve set up a Facebook group for those specially interested, “Gut bacteria against Parkinson’s” at . While waiting for hard scientific facts, it would be very interesting to hear other peoples’ experiences.

Hi all,
Can report that I have been on Bacillus subtilis capsules for just over a week and I must say the substance has helped with all aspects of bowel movement and poo.
I have had problems with constipation for sometime now, caused by PD. This has been a worthwhile move (excuse the pun) and I will continue taking the capsules once a day on a relatively empty stomach.
I can also report some possible improvement in dyskinesia and Dystonia but too early to say for definite, particularly as I do get ups and downs and quite a lot of unpredictability with those symptoms.

Hi Jules77
Can you give details of your bona-fide source?

One-time purchase: £15.95
Subscribe & Save (7.5%): £14.75

Hi WelshLady,
Details above.
I purchased through Amazon.
It’s made by Lovelife supplements.

Hi All’
Can report that the substance is continuing to maintain good bowel movement and I haven’t had any problems with constipation since about three day after starting to take it.
One small problem is that of wind, so as I said in another posting, avoid posh cocktail parties, which I’m sure most of you attend regularly.
Another possible benefit, but it’s too early to put any credence to it is my complexion has improved according to my wife of 57 years. I must admit my face skin seems less flaky.
Will keep you posted on this

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Hi all, I’ve been looking for information online about other PD patients’ experience with Bacillus Subtilis and I’ve found this thread. I’m looking for information because I’ve been taking it for over a week now and I’m experiencing surprisingly good results. I’m literally quite amazed about it, to be honest. Dosage is working better and I’ve started to low down meds because I’m too high on l-dopa. Wearing off has almost disappeared. Will keep you posted but I’m experiencing a boost similar to when I started taking rasagiline combined with Sinemet. Has anybody else experienced such a boost?

Here again. Guys, this thing is quite amazing. Today I literally ODed on l-dopa, well I really ODed in natural dopamine but I’m positive it’s due to this probiotic. In just a few days, I’ve gone from 2,5 Sinemet tabs per day to 2 tabs, and after today I’m seriously considering going down to 1,5 because I’m just too high! I hope this keeps going like this over time.

Hi Bluemoon
Well that’s brilliant news. Do you mind me asking which brand you are using and where you purchase it.
Hope you continue to improve.

Hi @Bluemoon,

It’s great that you’ve seen improvements in your condition, however, I’m a little concerned that you’ve reduced the dosage without consulting with your GP. Please speak to either your GP or Parkinson’s nurse about your medication before you make any changes to ensure that you’re not doing anything that could comprise your long term health. I’ve mentioned the information regarding gut health on the thread already but you can find this info here again:

You can also give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 for information and support.

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For the folks seeing positive results, which product and what daily dosage did use? How long did it take to see positive results?

Hi I’m new to the forum, so hopefully using it correctly.
I am interested in trying Bacillus subtilis but have read that it helps with constipation, I have the opposite problem?

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Do you confirm please the efficiency of Bacillus Subtilis probiotics on symptoms?
Which product do you use?
Thanks in advance for your answer.
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