Back ache

weird question i know but i have to ask.... for a few days now i have had a bad back,just the lower,it aches something terrible in the morning and end of is not due to this damn parkinsons is it? i can rule out computer table and bed..
sometimes lower back pain is due to constipation caused in turn by pd - been recently?
no problems to report in that dept
I have twice been in hospital with what used to be called a slipped disc and now I think is called a prolapsed intervertebral disc. There is quite an overlap in discomfort/pain between that and Parkies. I realise now tthat a lot of things I blamed on disc problems were early indications of Parkies. You may be experiencing the same thing but the other way round.
Hi Buzzicles

Lower back pain can result from posture problems which are often a feature of Parkinsons. It might be worth you asking to see a physio.

I agree with what you are all saying . My husband is sat in a chair with arms but he keeps on either dropping to one side or another and sort of collapsing . All of this squashies the diaphram then he gets hiccups it affects the digestion and collapses in the middle and squashies the spine .

In fact I have just had to adjust him and sort his cushions out he complained of lower back pain .

Fot most of his life he has had painful shoulder neck problem ( right side )now we know it was caused by this side gradually pulling down . Actually that seems to have stopped , he has started to lean to the other side now and has no pain in the original side .
hi buzzicles,i suffere with terrible back probs ,but i have athritus of the spine,so it hard for me to say wot pat of my back would be hurtin at all with pd.but buzzicles,ocupational thearpy can help you out,im quite sure pd back probs comes from posture,well thats wot me gp mentioned to me in the past,sittin on a chair or seatee and ur posture is not correct,gives u lower back aches,and aslo makes ur coxex hurt as well.i have now been givern a new chair ,a reclining one from occupational thearpys,which im finding its brilliant for i would surgest either askin the ocs for help like me,or may be also havin massage on ur back,and phiseo ,also exercise in its self movement if ur able can help stop the back from stiffnin up as quick.i wish you luck,and you get some comfort some how x:smile:
Also suffer from lower back pain I'm pretty sure its from bad posture but also have it after getting out of bed in the mornings. Last year went to Thailand on holiday and had a few thai massages. After a couple of these I felt a definite improvement. Back pain etc returned once I had been home a few days. Am going to try a few more this year and hope to have the same relief. I wonder if a normal massage in the UK would help - anyone out there tried one?
I havent got Parkinson's but have had painful neck shoulders would also make me dizzy .. Some time ago my daughter bought me a massage treatment for my birthday .

After I had it I felt much more relaxed and pain free . In my case it lasted a long time . It was great . These days I do regular rolling /stretching neck exercises. Keeps it under control .

Must get another massage treatment . My birthdays not until next February though lol
yes my cousin gillian is a masseager and i have one when i ask for helps me to relax ,my back will never be mended,but the relif from a massage does deffo help you to relax those muscles alot,and also plenty of rest you need as well if you can,standin up to long makes a back hurt also asim sure alot of people with back probs will say.ive got a elctric bed,and a mattress like they have in hospital,the mattress was provided by ocupational thearpy,it helps a awful lot with my lower back pains.and havin a monkey pole above ur bed to pull ur self up in bed ,also takes pressure off the lower part of the spine.:smile:
I have suffered from lower backache and stiffness in my hips, my physio suggested that I try a 'back stretcher' to improve my lower lumber curve and help loosen the muscles. Lying on it for about 5 mins two or three times a day for the last month or so and have a lot more movement in my lower back and feel my posture has improved.
If you are lucky enough to find a good physio also trained in cranio-sacral therapy, this is my miracle cure (well nearly) for back pain.
Hi Have suffered lower back back for years think caused through bad posture.At age 57 now had MRIscan showing disc problems.Pain is awful stops me from bending to pick up things also walking properly.But have been told having PD would irritate it more,so am having physio and taking strong pain killers,also doing pilates and exercising myself everyday that is all you can do but the pain and stiffness is awful isn't it. P.S. As spoke about be for in previous post i found Tens machine helps to.
Alexander Technique is worth a try if you can find a teacher. I am a carer not a PD sufferer but have had lower back pain and have found AT a great help. I believe it has been shown to help with PD (balance, posture).