Back in hospital

need a shoulder to cry on!!
Went visiting my wife this afternoon and found the nursing home staff trying to find a doctor to come and see her.
She was quite jaundiced and the only thing to do was call an ambulance - looks like recurrence of the gall bladder infection which started it all way back in November.
Got her into hospital about 4.15 and eventually was put on a drip at 8.00pm.
Moved her into a ward shortly afterwards. Our son came to take me home after a 7 hour visit!
Feeling shattered but know they will do best for her.
Visiting 3 to 8 tomorrow.
Hope I can sleep.
Thanks for listening
So sorry Jackmin. Hope you get better news tomorrow.
Hallo again worrals,
Most conserned that she has all her medication on time - but have just spoken to ward Sister who asures me all is OK - even said that if I wake during the night feeling worried it is ok to ring!
Minnie is in same ward as she was last November - back to square one!
Feel better for hearing from you - what a great bunch you PD folk are.
Good night again
You're both in my prayers, Jackmin. I hope you get some sleep, you must be exhausted. Hope they get your wife treated quickly and she rallies once more. Xx
Dear jackmin,

I hope you have managed to het some sleep.
I am sure she is in good hands and hopefully she will be a wee bit better today.
Take care you are both in my thoughts and prayers
Hope you are feeling a little better this morning and you find your wife improved today. Take care, thinking and wishing you both a better day.
Thanks all for your good wishes,
My little old lady - that's just how she is - so frail and seems quite tiny - but Minnie must have a tough constitution to stand up to so much.
She was brighter today but still jaundiced.
Still has a sense of humour,
Did sleep well last night for a change - usually wake around 4 o'clock and wonder if I should get up and do something useful as through the day I find it hard to motivate myself - wonder why?
Tine for a cuppa now so goodnight all
So pleased you and Min had a better day , and you a better nights sleep. The sun is shining this morning so lets hope you have another bright day. You are doing the best you can for Min and should not feel bad. I only hope that I have someone as dedicated to me as you are to Min. You are doing a grand job. Have a good day both of you.xx
Good Morning Jackmin, fear not your good lady will be well cared for and receive the very best treatment :grin:having spent quite some time in NTGH recently
I would say that these angels in the NHS are truly, worth their weight in gold:grin::grin:
All the very best I know all will be well.
Kindest Regards Fedex:smile: