Back Pain Advice Needed


I’m young onset but not on meds as yet, apart from natural Macuna pruriens.

I’ve been getting awful back pain, it’s being ongoing for 3 weeks, just when I think it’s over I twist or bend and it goes again. I believe the pain is due to my drooping shoulder pulling at the discs on the opposite side of my back.

Anyone with similar who’s on meds, do the meds help?


Hi Jonjoe. You may find input from a physiotherapist helps. If you can’t self-refer in your area, ask your GP to refer you. We’ve found it the single most useful thing, as well as a decent walk each day, in dealing with backpain whether contributed to by PD or not.

Best wishes.

Hi Mountainair,

We can self refer round here, I’ll give it a go. I did some stretching last night and it feels a lot better today. I did press-ups but just from my waist and kneeling with arms out on the carpet like praying whilst stretching my back.


Great. There’s some good information & advice on our local NHS website though not PD specific