Back pain

hi ive recently got really bad back pain in my lower back and pain in my legs worst in morning when gettin out of bed then eases of during the day.
im on daily 18mg ropinerole x 1 a day,5mg selegeline x 1 a day,100mg amantadine 4 x a day,and stalevo 125mg 4 a a day.
anyone else had this pain its really gettin me down as the pd is very well controlled

Hi @dazzabambro, sorry to hear about your back pain. I also suffer with severe lower back pain but mine is mainly due to degenerative disc disease however, the pain has worsened since towards the end of last year. My consultant did advise that the stiffness suffered with the PD can exacerbate the back pain which explained everything really. I’m wondering if when you find a comfortable position during the night, it may feel good at that moment but is in fact putting pressure on your lower back.

It’s definitely worth a discussion with your GP, Consultant or PD Nurse. I do feel for you, back pain can be so debilitating.


Sometimes with PD, the contracting & rigid muscles in the back conspire to compress the spine! Which in turn may squeeze and cause unwanted pinching upon the Sciatic nerves.

My experience : After a MRI scan to investigate and find compressed discs, it was recommended I should have surgery but I decided first to visit a Sports injury Physiotherapist and requested that he stretched my spine after a massage and to my relief the problem eased.

I then designed floor exercises based on the Physiotherapists advice to help stop a return of the problem…I now do the exercises on a regular basis and ensure I drink enough water to help the Discs rejuvenate from daily pressure etc.

That was at least three plus years ago and I have not looked back.
My exercises are described here []

I hope you can find relief through correct diagnosis and the help via a good Physiotherapist


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You’re experiencing severe back pain in your lower back and legs, especially in the morning when getting out of bed, despite well-controlled Parkinson’s disease. You take various medications daily. It’s essential to consult your doctor to investigate the cause of the pain, which could be related to medication or posture. Meanwhile, consider using heat or ice packs for relief and maintaining good posture.