Back pain

My wife has hurt her back. Think it is a trapped nerve or pulled muscle but am paranoid about anything that happens to her since she was diagnosed with pd and am worried it is yet another symptom of the disease. Any advice or something to put my mind at rest
it is very easy to start to think every pain is pd related - but people with pd do get normal pains. on the other hand people with pd do get a lot of pains!
back pains, often the lower back or neck, are very common. check her use of the computer and driving - avoid hunching. regular stretching can help a lot. constipation can cause lower back pain.
Hi Davech,
I suffer greatly with back pain which is pd related. I was dx 12 years ago and am most affected down my left side. I started with severe back pain about a year ago and following medical investigations I was told that the muscles on the left side of my back are now being pulled across toward the right side, effectively my back muscles are twisting. It is very painful and starts around my hip area then goes right up the center into my neck. I attend a pain clinic and take tons of tramadol but it only eases it for a short time.

If your wife's pain is pd related it will continue for the foreseeable future but obviously if its a muscle pull it will heal with rest she will need to see her neuro and a physio. I like to use a heat pad on my back and have found a plug in electric one is best but those that can be heated in the microwave are pretty useful too. I do hope that your wife's pain it's only a muscle pull, because if it is pd related she's stuck with it and the constant pain makes me like a bear with a sore head....I must be hell to live with at times!!!

Take care
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being silly now, have you noticed, but seriously davech you probably will encounter pain sooner or later, hopefully much much later my friend.
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