Back problems

Recently I’ve hurt my back a few times e.g. by lifting (not particularly heavy) boxes. I think this is partly beacuse my body is now weaker and stiffer due to PD - I am about 2 years since diagnosis.

Does anyone have any advice? Strengthening exercises? Does massage help? Stretching? Do I simply need to be much more careful now?

Any tips gratefully received - thanks!


Hi JF,

Sorry to hear you’v recently experienced discomfort with your back. There’s a few pertinent threads and posts in the archive’s that you might find helpful - you can have a browse through these via this link.

Otherwise, our helpline will always be happy to advise on practical advice - contact info and opening hours can be viewed here.
Best wishes,
Tom A, Parkinsons UK Moderation Team.

Morning JF, I think you would definitely benefit from stretching and generally doing exercise to strengthen your back. I had an operation on my spine to release a trapped nerve 18 months ago. The pain from the trapped nerve was incredible. By the time I had the op I could barely walk. Although the op was a success I still suffer pain through the general wear and tear. Try to do the things you normally do and don’t let the pd grind you down. I certainly am not giving up all the things I enjoy doing whether its pd or a bad back. Good luck.

Thanks papajoe and sorry to hear about your own challenges.

I managed to do my lower back in again this weekend, lifting some boxes of tiles from the car boot, so am sleeping uncomfortably for a few nights.

I will try to make time for a better exercise regime. Of course, finding the time, energy and motivation with PD can also be a challenge.

I hear what you are saying, but I’m also coming to the conclusion that I need to be extra careful with PD, and I can’t necessarily do all the things I would like to do.

I feel emasculated around the house but maybe I’ll bite the bullet and hire a handyman next time :slight_smile: