Back spasms

Hi i take sinemet 4x a day i also take propranolol 2x aday i have been getting back spasms on my parkinsons side would this be caused by my medication it is quite uncomfortable at times these spasms come and go

Hi calv1960 … I take both Sinemet & Propranolol & do not have any back pain or spasms.


Back spasms was how I was eventually dx with PD.

To cut a very long story short I have had spinal issues since 1982. In 2014 Back spasms were getting worse and I could feel a lump to the side of my mid spind area. I had to have a work medical to continue working abroad and the consultant I saw sent me to his spinal colleague, who also noticed face twitches and poor walking gsit and atypical pill rolling in keft hand so he in turn sent me to a Neurologist (time period about 18 months).
When I saw Neurologist in late 2016 he dx PD and the consequences was lost medical clearance to work abroad. The lump was knotted muscles and tendons in my back caused by my undiagnosed PD. Sorry a long wind response to say PD meds did not cause my back spasms.