After being on simnet for 3 years, for no reason, no change in dosage for ages etc.., i am having a severe reaction to bacon. I just need to have a small piece and its like i haven't taken any meds. It just totally cancels them till next time.
Anyone else have this reaction to bacon? No probs with ham or gammon which i find strange.

ive had no reaction to bacon but for some reason if i have any food with chilli or a big mac from mcdonalds i get very hyper the complete opposite to you, sometimes even leaving a dose of my meds off cos they not needed.........must be some foods with certain dietary ingredients that effect our PD .
I have a similar "switching off" effect with eggs.
proteins? though why gammon should be different to bacon is weird.

modern art joke:
Bacon makes me feel queasy. Mind you Lucien Freud isn't any better.

[sound of tumbleweed blowing in the wind]
Hi Although I have read not to have protein with sinemet , I have found that my husband is a little better after he has had his main meal I try to serve it at least half and hour before we eat . We usually have meat or fish , along with vegatables
Another strange thing i've found is if i eat a bit of cheese after taking my simenet the take up rate of them is so so quick, maybe 5 mins after taken it.
Then lasts longer till the next dose.
i am about to conduct a madopar and cheddar experiment!
initial results

madopar instant 100+25
35g of mainland mature cheddar

test: standardised darts test
highest score: one hundred
balance: good
arm movement: good

This was not a double-blind experiment, that would be unethical in a darts-based expeiment, but initial results suggest mature cheddar did not negatively effect uptake and may have enhanced it.

Further tests are planned with edam and wensleydale.
Good research but please would you all leave the chocolate testing to me. Many thanks.
Right initial findings from my first choccy test is provem. For the good of my fellow sufferers I will go back into my laborator and reset the exoeriment to see what happens Will report later
Manx mature cheddar the best money can buy...........mmmmmm, just gutted by the bacon really loved the odd toasted bacon buttie. Just bought a set of roller blades, at 47 i know im too old 4 them, so the cheese will come in handy.
i was going to say roller blades and pd might not mix but remember seeing michael fox on telly skating. its one of those thing like cycling that people tend to do better than walking. dont think i'll take it up though as was crap at it when healthy.

chocolate - when i was working in england went through huge quantities of chocolate at work, seemed to help. put on a lot of weight though!
Chocolate sounds good, thats my only worry with cheese and weight but hey why worry. As for the blades i used to ski, prob could still do, and when I got the chance ice skate so im reasonably ok ....ish.
Hi all

Google ......chocolate and Parkinsons's Disease and quite a lot turns up re [psson;e nemefots
Last two words should read possible benefits.
nemefits could be a very useful word
chocolate has many benefits but its nemefits include weight gain and sticky fingers
or would negafits be better.