Bad back

Does anyone else suffer with lower back pain whenever i get up from sitting down it seizes up the pain is awful especially when i try and stand straight and myright leg weak due to dyskensia

Hi Caz62,

Have you gone to have a xray/CAT scan?
Firstly are you sure it is not simply a pinched nerve? That can cause severe pain.
Perhaps some of the cartilages in your lower back may have slipped or just “broken away”.
I have the exact same thing in my neck area.
I used to do a lot of house riding and fell off a few times.
As a result the cartilages between my C3,4 & 5 are no longer there and that can cause unbelievable pain.
I go for Facit injections every year which relieves the pain tremendously.

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No got given co codemol doc not helpful maybe rod i have in back will see how it goes on weekend

I hate predictive text.
A lot of horse riding…

Rod in your back?
If you do have a pinched nerve or the cartilage between certain of your spinal bones have broken up, codemol might help with the pain, but it certainly isn’t an answer.