Bad day

I was called to a friends house today at 4pm by worried neighbours.
Along with my son we broke in to find she had killed herself in a particularly nasty way.
I wish she’d have given me a chance to help her.
RIP Marleen

Such sad news

Hi Hubby,
Thats very sad H, finding your friend like that must have been a tremendous shock.
I hope both you and your son are OK
Best Wishes,


Hi @Hubby,

I am so sorry for your loss. This is truly sad news and probably a traumatic experience for you and your son.

Please be rest assured that we are here for you should you need our support.

Do take care.

Best wishes,

Thanks guys.
Yet another of life’s trials and tribulations bestowed upon us.
It’s one of those situations where you go into auto pilot and you don’t realise how drained you are until it’s over.
Such a shame that someone can’t find anything they want to live for.
I was very proud of the way my son reacted.Helping me take control of the scene,the distraught boyfriend,the ex husband,the neighbours etc. While keeping the police,ambulance and corner up to speed with everything we knew.

Hi Hubby,

Both you and your son should feel remarkably proud of yourselves for your bravery despite the unfortunate circumstances.

Our thoughts are with your neighbours’ friends and family at this tragic time.

Best wishes,