Bad day

After a number of good ones today I had a real bad one.
During an argument with my daughter I froze. My mind and body locked up. I couldn’t move or speak and my eyes kept blinking with no control.
It took a few minutes to recover.
I later had a beer with a friend and watched the football.No problems.
On returning home I got panicky edgy and restless. I felt really ill and went to bed.
Not something I’ve experienced before.
Let’s hope tomorrow is better.

Hi Hubby,
You were expecting something to happen as you came off the Meds, perhaps that was it !!
I am not the one to answer your questions about
Stress or Anxiety as it would seem to be a reaction to your argument with someone you love and given your recent reluctance to confrontation maybe its a bit of
All of the Above and whichever box it comes from, It does not surprise me when you look at everything you have had to contend with the past few months.
I feel helpless as a so called friend and would just point out a lesser man would have crumbled a long time ago
Best wishes

Thanks Mal.
Today has been much better.