Balance & pain

Hi I'm just asking a question about pd pain control what people use and how it helps you,plus balance I'm taking cinnarizine for my balance but from time to time during the day I feel like I'm walking on someone else's feet making me feel very unbalance any ideas,I'm taking azilect 1mg for my pd, thanks kev :--))

Hi Kev
I used to use just strong over the counter pain relief that combined pain relief with anti-inflammatory properties. Sometimes taking one in advance of doing something I knew would be painful helped. It depends what sort of pain and where it is. When I developed bad back pain i had cranio-sacral therapy which was extremely effective. For general pain i was going to try EFT (tapping - you can google it) but luckily it resolved itself before i had to. But some people swear by it. I think just try various things and you will find one that helps.
best of luck with it, pain is hard doing...

hello & welcome Kev
I have often heard PwP remark that on dx nobody mentined pain. It can come as a bit of a shock and it is not nice. I am prescribed co-codamol which takes the edge off.You can by the lowest strength OTC, higher strenth needs a prescription. For more localised pain I use one of the gel muscle pain relievers. Do ask your pharmiscist though about mixing them
I have always considered my balance problem to be a part of my pd. (Having said that it was put down to vetigo attacks pre a pd dx.)
Take care & I wish you pain free soon

I agree with the others, being in pain is a pain! I find simple 2x200mg Ibrobufen works to take the top off it. Good luck

My husband cannot take anything other than Paracetamol .

He has been advised to take 2x4 daily , he actually takes it x 3 .

Our GP and district has said to take them regulary other wise you are just CHASING THE PAIN it does seem to help him if he does .

We are told that they are the safest . HOPE THEY ARE RIGHT !!