Balance problems


Does anyone know if there are specific drugs that help with balance,I have recently had a few falls backwards
Thanks Anned


hi anne i,m also having big problems with my balance i start physio on tues.specifically aimed on balance must be same help in your area


Hi Peter,
Thanks for your reply I shall be in touch shortly with my pd nurse about this.
I broke my wrist as a result of my last fall so will have to wait till it recovers.
Thanks again
Anne d


hope your wrist is on the mend so far i,ve no broken bones just black and blue all over take care


Hi Anne

Sorry to read about your wrist fall. Such a nuisance. I did the same thing In August, in the kitchen. I have since been banned from cooking, which is a mixed blessing.

Can’t help with balance ideas, I topple over frequently as my feet stick and upper body moves, especially when turning.

Hope your wrist heals well, mine took 6 weeks in cast, then about 8 weeks to regain any strength. Still not what it was,

Best wishes



Hi Supa and Peter,

Thank you both for replying.I fell backwards down the stairs and have been forbidden to go up on my own.!
Too bad it hadn't happened in the kitchen,I would love to be banned from cooking!My husband does a lot but I help a bit and have never liked cooking.
Thanks again


Hi Anne know where you are coming from stairs worried me so much moved my bed downstairs as i,m worse at night can just about manage during day.while i,m here anybody tried canabis oil or canabis oil capsules and any side effects


Hi Peter,
I could also go downstairs but have recently invested in an adjustable bed which is at the moment upstairs,could move it to our downstairs bedroom but will wait and see how things go.
I have not tried cannabis oil but funnily enough was looking at the parkinsons uk item on it last night have also looked at videeos on it
Will be interested if anyone replies to your post


Hi ANNE29 - Sorry to hear about the break on your wrist, home is where you’d think you’d have been the safest, and here’s me worried about going out without my walking stick! I have had an extra handrail put in on the stairs for ease of going upstairs and down. My stairs are narrow and twist at the top so don’t think I would be able to have a stair lift fitted, but will double check that when the time comes. In the meantime take care and hope the wrist doesn’t take too long to mend.- Sheila x


Hi Shefinn,Like you I have also put in another handrail,this fall was probably my own fault as I was only hanging on to one rail and carrying something in the other I won’t be doing that again!!My stairs sound similar to yours I think you can get a stairlift. I have a bedroom downstairs so when I have to I will move downstairs.
Thanks for your reply. Annex


Hi Peter, Please see Youtube “Ride with Larry”… Also Google Parkinson’s dance, Parkinson’s going down stairs. My Brother has Parkinson’s and takes dopamine pills for his shakes, I give him cannabis edibles and it helps with his speech and some movement.


thanks for reply it,s always good to find out more info.not v.good with all this technology still finding my way thanks for pointing me in different direction


hi anne have you read canabis oil it may interst you


Hi Peter,
Yes I am still interested in cannabis oil,have looked at you tube but still hesitating think I will wait and see how you get on with it,please let me know.

Cheers Anne


ok anne will put regular updates out all the best


hi Anne just updated under canabis oil


Hi peter,sorry i cant find where you have put this


hi anne should be in treatments just to tell you slept 5hrs. straight thro not noticed any probs. so far


Hi Peter,
That is great really must look into this thanks a lot Ane


hi anne will let u know if i get any problems did you get my invite last nite to join topic?