Hi everyone, hope you are all well.
Does anybody else have balance issues in the house but if you go for a walk they disappear?

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Hi I’m newly diagnosed with PD waiting to see consultant. I do have this balance issues you are talking about. Sometimes I wander down the hall hitting both walls as I go. I’m hoping it’s the PD and nothing else.

I seem to bounce from couch to door frame to kitchen work top and struggle with balance if im stood still. Funny thing is, this doesn’t happen when I first wake up, my movements and balance are good. Also my balance and gait are great when I go out walking. It really is a head scratcher. I have no tremor. Ive tried 6 different meds in the last 2 years and nothing really works. Its very frustrating.

I’m the exact opposite. relatively fine indoors but can barely stand up outside.

Yes I’m the same, I have to hang on to furniture sometimes to keep my balance, but if I time my walk ok, I can stride out with confidence.