Does anyone know of ways to improve balance? Mine seems to be getting worse.
I reckon my balance has improved since I started to play Wii plus. It has some balance games, plus the body test checks where your centre of gravity is when you stand.

Thanks for that AnneG. My grandson has one,so I'll go to try it out.

Let us know how if it helps

It depends on how good your balance is to start with.
I have found pedal cycling to be quite a good way of maintaining my balance (although I fell slowly sideways on my bike recently into some mud when a big Alsatian dog put its paws on my body in an unwelcome gesture of welcome!)
In addition, I try standing on one leg for as many seconds as possible, alternating each leg in turn (the textbooks advise doing this only with someone on hand initially to catch you if you fall, and at our exercise classes we put one hand on the back of a chair.)
There are various yoga poses (like the "tree") that help balance, many of which are on Wii Fit. The Wii Fit is very good for me for checking and exercising my posture and balance.
It would be wise to check out exercises first with your nurse/medical adviser. The exercises above are what I do, but you will have to judge what is suitable for you.
Neuro physiotherapist told my husband to stand arms length touching kitchen work top --place one foot immediately in front of the other foot ,-- when steady let go and hold balance /--/ do the same with the other foot ==== keep a chair behind immediately behind you in case you need to sit .. I usually stand at his side for support / only just started this exercise will let you know how he gets on
The Wii is used by quite a few physiotherapist specifically to improve balance and hand-eye coordination in particular and also in care homes.

I use a PowerPlate down the gym - great for balance exercises

im on a fit programe done by the gp,it a one to one at the gym with instucter,phiseo,helps alot with all sorts of probs related to balnce and muscles,maybe this could help if you had a word with your gp to get on the programe,its for 3 months then they do a rport on your progress:smile:
Thank you all for the replies. I didn't manage to do anything on the Wii as balance too bad.I am trying some balance exercises from yoga. (No longer able to do the classes) I really need to try harder though.