Hi everyone just these past few weeks I've had a feeling that I'm being pushed forward at the back of my head and my neck gets very stiff at times,I don't know if it's the change in weather or my condision ?? Does anyone out there have the same problems, I've had pd almost 3 years & I'm 47 :frowning: and I'm on anzlect 1mg. Thanks :smile:
yip, i've had trouble with a sore neck for the last week due to bad head posture caused by pd/ doctor suggested stretches twice a day and ibuprofen.
hi kev,ive had pd 11 half years,im young like yourself to,im 43 years old,the pain in the neck is down to bad posture,and yes this is part of pd im afraid,the leanin forward your gettin is all connectected.i found exercise is best,for instance,with your neck,simple moves as turnin ur head from rite to left several times a day will help loosin it up a bit,the posture,when your walkin try hold back your shoulders as much as your body will allow you.there is lots of little tricks you can do to help balance kev,with walkin as well.if you go to the home page on puk,there is a page you can down load about balance,hope this helps:smile:
Hi alij you've had p diddy a long time wow ,is there any way I can talk to u privately to u about a whole range of pd things if not that's ok & can u do this on this site thanks kev :smile:
hi kev ,yes you may pm me if you like,i will try and help as much as i can.but also kev if there things u wonna no for other members to help with pop it on this thread,as ive said we are all in same boat togeather,lot of surport:smile:
Hi kev, the download that ali j mentioned (thanks ali j) is our free Keeping Moving - Exercise and Parkinson's booklet and DVD. You can also use the booklet independently of the DVD. See

You may also find our Q&A on physiotherapy and Parkinson's helpful - it mentions exercise, posture, balance and neck pain. See to read the transcript.
Thanks everyone so much for your tips & support it's been really helpful :smile:
Hi Kev, Try doing pillates, go to a class? its really good, I go and there is a lady on it with m s and all her muscles have improved. Its about using little small muscles that dont tire to support all the big muscles that do tire and which we use all the time instead of the little ones. My h is the one here with the pd and his posture has always been bad but even he is helped by the exercises it really is well worth Sunray
Hi I have trouble with balance of late,, I just went to sit on my bed and fell off the bottom. Its not easy to laugh and cry at the same time and the bruises are mounting, :flushed::laughing::flushed:oops!!!