Bang those drums?

We all know exercIse helps with neuro-degenerative conditions,  but what about taxing the brain with the coordination required t play a basic set of drums?

I bought a set to see if I helps ... electric ones with headphones, for the neighbours sakes. 



Interesting, I've always fancied drumming but I never knew you could get ones with headphones!

Please let us know how you get on.


I did once think of purchasing a lecci g'tar , i have absolutely no musical ability lol but it would amuse me if not the neighbours lol

I bought a set of Alesis (DM Lite) Electronic drums, for under £200.

I used to play bass guitar as a student, so theoretically "should" have rythm, though this drumming is a whole new challenge - probably even harder because of PD, but hopefully, where there's a will ... will report back periodically.


Hey heres a thought there are so many musicians with PD, perhaps a new group? if only virtual  'the shakey tones' ?? ;)

Apparently pwp sometimes find they have hidden talents, like painting or writing etc. Well I have started to sing in the shower, do you think I should apply for BGT?...............happy new year

Loving it so far.

Very hard with my Parkinson's leg being the bass drum and currently "losing time" ... grrrrr.

Hopefully it'll come. Really hopefully.