Hi I have parkinsons,and experience pains and cramps in my feet,to which extent I tend to go barefoot,inside and out as I find I am more stable and my pains are not as bad,I have had no bother from shops or other establishments,and when I explain I have trouble keeping shoes on due to my condition,they are very accommodating ,does anyone else have trouble with shoe,I am a bit hippyish so maybe that helps.

far out man ! cool

An old post I know, but on a recent trip to Morocco my walking was generally quite bad (right foot flat footed, toes curled). So much so I cancelled the hike I was planning and headed to the beach instead. When walking barefoot on the beach I noticed my walking really improved. I wasn’t sure whether it was because I was more relaxed and didn’t really think anything more of it. Then I came across this:

Made me think that being barefoot was actually helping with my feedback mechanism. Anyone else been walking better with bare feet?



I wonder if walking on the beach is more supportive because the sand adjusts itself to the shape of the bottom of your foot. Does that make sense? I can’t walk barefoot on ordinary floor, because my big toes are lifted and the ball joint is forced down.

Yes. I’ve started going for my morning walk barefoot and it is definitely easier. I look like I’ve just escaped from a lunatic asylum of course, but I don’t care!

Absolutely right Lloyd, all about finding what works for you!

Such a complex disease, We have to be our own experts.