Bas Bloem - A Dutch Neurologist

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I saw this video on another forum. I think its inspirational and empowering!
hi pokermid,

We could do with a few Neurologists like Professor Bas Bloem working for the NHS! I agree with you his methods are both inspirational and empowering.

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You get the feeling that this kind of person you might even put their hand up if they got something wrong.
You're right Poker - what a fantastic guy and so inspirational. I only wish my husband's neurologist was so "human"!
Hmm, I'm sorry to be unable to join in the adulation, but all I took away from the clip was: “Why are all these people giving a standing ovation to a guy who is merely doing the job he is paid to do?” Surely, seeing yourself as being on the same level as your patient is the norm and any specialist who looks down on his or her patient from a great height is seriously misguided.

It’s all a matter of expectations and all I know is that I [u]expect[/u] to be treated as an equal (no more, no less) by any other human being – NHS employee or otherwise – and the fact that this simple notion needs to be drummed home by a series of films aimed at health professionals, who receive it as novel inspiration, worries me greatly.
Lily...........everyone in the audience were either Neurologists or medical care personnel, not patients!

That was the whole idea he was trying to portray. To start treating us patients on a more equal footing and not from their usual high pedestals!

Still, everyone is entitled to make up their own minds.

Poker :smile:
Nice find - well worth watching and listening a second time.

My medical team here treat me on an equal level, while I acknowledge their expertise. - The whole point as I see it is, each individual case is different; and the only way forward is through Team work (Neurologist, GP, Physio',You, Care staff, and even the guys in research developing new ways to treat all the different aspects) with open communication providing a win win situation for all.

Like anything, the more you put in the more you see in return.
Hi All,

You can expect all you like and you will still be treated in the manner the consultant is accustomed to unless you break through the glass wall and directly challenge the way you are being spoken to which, as by definition many people are in a fragile state and aware that they have limited time with the consultant, is not likely to happen My PD nurse said that 7 minutes is thought by the powers that be to be sufficient time for a consultation which doesn't leave much time for the niceties I have only once in my twenties challenged the way I was being spoken to to the silent cheers of a nurse who was in the same room so I know I was not being paranoid. I have to say things have improved greatly in the forty or so years since I endured the patronising attitudes of consultants when I had my children.

I was once told that even other consultants/specialists find neurologists inclined to be an arrogant lot.

If the professor has gone to the trouble of making a video, surely its because he comes across patronising attitudes to the contribution patients can make to their own treatment.