BBC breakfast interview

Did anybody else see the article on Parkinson's on this mornings BBC breakfast?

It was about a BBC comedy writer who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's. He had being looking at DBS and had interviewed a man who had had it done. There was also a research neurosurgeon talking about the use of stem cells in treatment.

It was all very upbeat and positive. It would be good to see more of this positive and informative kind of article on main stream tv so people would better understand the disease.


Yes, I watched it too. I met the comedy writer and chatted to him a couple of years ago, in London, at the Mervyn Peake Award ceremony. My photograph of an orchid, was chosen as one of the finalists, so I was invited to the luncheon. He gave a very amusing, witty speech about how Parkinson's was affecting him and his work ethic. Thought he spoke very well this morning on TV and also the researcher from Parkinson's UK. We need more of this media attention, as you say, Mr.Toad.


BBC One Inside Out programme Monday 7th March at 7.30pm  

  a special programme about Parkinson's featuring the 2 who were on the breakfast programme this morning....I'll be tuning in!

Thanks for that heads up Keld. I'll be setting my Tivo box to record that one.

Unfortunately it's only on Inside Out South so I'll have to try and catch it on line.


The programme will be on BBC IPlayer shortly after this evening (around 10pm) - I'll post the link tomorrow morning for anyone who's missed it or wasn't able to watch it. It will also be repeated on BBC 2 at the end of April, I don't have the final date for this yet but will let you know when I do.





Am watching Inside out NOW and thought I should get the programme as I saw the feature on the breakfast show but no mention of PD in the 'agenda' for this evenings episode!!!

Hope I can catch the programme later on iplayer or through the link you post Joanne!!

Caught the end of the programme as my hubby discovered I could watch it on BBC 1 HD ----I had always thought that the HD service was just high definition of the BBC 1 not a different channel!

Looked a very interesting programme - informative for both those with PD and those who know nothing about PD but now will know a lot more...

I look forward to watching the whole programme...

The programme was very interesting and rang a lot of bells with me. It's a pity it wasn't longer with more detail about the stem cell research.

It was an excellent introduction to Parkinson's, such a pity it was only regional not on the whole BBC network.

I wish that on the Breakfast programme they had said watch it on BBC1 HD at 7.30pm  OR watch it on iplayer on BBC South. It was a regional programme but HD let you view it and I have just discovered that on iplayer you can get all the regional programmes!!

So all is not lost those who missed it on iplayer BBC South is the available for the next 28 days or so!

Definitely worth watching on i-player. The programme includes an illustration of DBS being turned off, as mine was, for a group off med students during a routine visit to the JR, Oxford, last year. Superb hospital, brilliant team. Thanks to everyone involved.

Hi all,

As promised here's the link to the programme on iPlayer: