I have been diagnosed with Basil Cell Carcinoma on my nose. I seem to remember reading somewhere that people suffering wIth pd are susceptible to this. I've had pd since 2008 . Diagnosed with BCC  last month so am at present waiting for appointment with oncologist. Has anyone heard of  pd sufferers  being more susceptible to skin cancer.

Regards sugarplum

Hi Sugarplum......Yes i have read on the internet that women with parkinsons are 1.5 times more likely to develop Basil cell carcinomas and men twice as likely. They think there could be a connection with Levadopa but it has NOT been substantiated. People with Parkinsons should apparently be screened regularly. This is only from an article that i have read.....not necessarily accurate, but i am sure your PD nurse would be able to give you more info. 

Wishing you well Sugarplum

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Hi Dolly

Thanks for that , the BCC has taken over at the moment trying to find out what is the best treatment most seem to be very invasive.  Anyway have to except what is thrown at us. Will keep looking.on Internet. Regards


Hi Sugar plum, There are articles on www.medscape.com about the increased risk of Melanoma in Parkinson's Disease, with the recommendation we get checked out for this. Does this happen? In the past they thought  the medication (levodopa products)that caused it , but later articles blame PD itself. I cannot remember that Basal Cell Carcinoma  was mentioned or any other skin cancer in that context.  After all melanoma is the worst. Basal Cell C is quite common, I know several people who had lesions cut out (Myself included). It generally does not produce  metastases,but can give over time nasty wounds. Mine was cut out by a dermatologist, who convinced me they were better at it than a plastic surgeon! Maybe they do more of these than anyone else. Remember Ronald Reagan, he had what they then called a rodent ulcer on his nose treated. Same thing. Too much California sunshine.

Hope you are not too worried about it, Best wishes, Kate.

Hello Kate.  Thanks for your info.  Yes I am quite concerned about my treatment have been told that I need a skin graft on my nose if I have it cut out dermatologist said will take graft from my cheek. Not too happy with this!! So am now waiting to see radiology. Parkinson's has taken a back seat at the moment.!! 

Regards Sugarplum