Be verry verr brian ferry


              Hello allcool

                                      I know I know its silly, BUT IT GRABBED YOU DID EN TIT, . There are a couple of things I need to, WILLIAM YOU,, go on you know,,,think,,, you know it,,, its cockney rhyming,, nudge nudgeWINK WINK ,,WILLIAM,,,YOU KNOW,,, WILLIAM TELL, GET IT William Tell you,  ohh, ILL GET MEE COAT.    The most important thing is my lovely wife Lorraine,  I wouldnt normally allow her to be named any where on any forum, but perhaps by  doing so it will let you know the gravity of the situation and the likely outcome. For over a year my lady has had bother with her vision, and despite my attempts to act upon her optimeterist s ssts advice and go to the Hospital,oh no,  , the more I tried the more excuses, you know oh yes I would be sh?,, sorry panicking if  my eyesight was as bad ,I noticed  two years ago when we were  out for a run in the car,(I take the seats out), she was missing hazards, like those large economy size, buy one get two free 14 to 18 ton bright red , 45ft long things that carry people, this has occured many times when I was with her so god knows how many she has pushed  one  through a hedge when solo, but yesterday I carefully explained that unless she went to hospital and got checked she could be seriously killed or worse,? so she went, our friends took her, and,, CATARATS,,,BOTH EYES,,but also much more worrying ,she has a blister behind her right eye, she goes back  next  friday for further tests, . So our UNLUCKY ALF RUN OF UNLUCKINESS strikes again, she is my world.

The other thing is do take max care when choosing software to speed up your pc I picked what I thought was a reputeable firm only to be flooded with bloody pop ups,forcing the 2nd reboot in a week.

                               Bye fo now   FED

Morning Fed

Sorry to hear about Lorraine`s eye problems, hope will soon be OK.

I wonder why you run in the car?  I guess it takes less petrol that way like standing in the stirrups lessens the burden on the horse.

question markeye roll

              Ehh  would that be Maple stirrups, Stirrup of figs,,Nahh only joking hatknitter,its just a figure of speech I dont really take the seats out, it has however been another Dyskie day,all day with the violence of uncontrolled movement  changing in its ferocity hr by hr, I am totally drained my friend, if it continues tommorow its a visit to or a visit from my Nurse Consultant, its driving me even more bonkers than I am already.

                                       Kind Regards FEDcool