Beat the stoop

Hi folks,

I love walking but my stoop meant I was soon getting back ache. Any walk of more than twenty minutes or so left me very uncomfortable. My wife bought me an elasticated back support from Boots and the difference is very obvious. The support encourages the the back to adopt a more upright position and I am enjoying walking once again. Just thought I would share this with anyone suffering the same.

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Have you ever considered Conductive Education?

Good grief. terrific! Have I ever considered it? I've never heard of it. Please elucidate.


"Conductive Education as a holistic integrated pedagogical/educational system, which enables people with damage to their central nerous sysytem to learn to overcome the challenges they face"   that was a quote I copied not me!  

This is me now -  In my weekly session which is divided into sections lying, sitting, standing and walking, and in each of the section we cover just about everything that we can struggle with on a daily basis eg. getting up from a chair, handwriting, walking without tripping up, climbing stairs, getting out of bed and I could go on forever because basically it covers all aspects of everday life.

I am sure it would help you with your posture and therefore you back pain. Make enquiries in your area today, do not delay.

I only wish this therapy could be available to everyone with PD because it would help them tackle PD head on and be prepared for eveything it has to throw at them, and enable them to take control of PD not vice versa.

Hope this helps, ask me questions if any of the above does not make sense.



Banjo, that sounds tops. I was looking online. Is it the neoprene back brace, the one size fits all or the back and shoulder brace thing.  Or none of the above?

By heck, Eck,

you've got me there.

if you ask in a Boots chemists I'm sure they'll tell you. It's an elasticated back support fastened in place with Velcro straps. It cost around £30 or so. Mine is up to 42 inch waist fitting.

good luck,


Thanks Banjo, I'll need it.