Beating parkinsons

On Saturday august 5th I completed a 50km ultra challenge walk taking 2extra madopar tablets than normal, my consultant had said this would be ok on occasions. One in the eye for Parky, next day I was fine and went for a 4km walk with my wife and dogs.
All good I thought but Parky had other ideas, for the next 2 nights I had pains,aches,restless legs and waking up every hour in discomfort.
Firstly I will not be defeated by my disease, secondly have other’s been afflicted in this way after achieving a breakthrough against parkinsons, and thirdly just to say I have respect for all of you so keep up the good fight and we will overcome everything this fickle disease can throw at us.


Hello Hemyock
First of all many congratulations on your awesome achievement and to go for a walk next day with your wife and feeling no apparent ill effects must have felt great.
Although I haven’t had the bad reactions you had on the following day, (but then nor have I attempted an ultra challenge lol) I have come to the conclusion that there is always some payback when Parkinson’s thinks you are not taking him seriously, when you dare to do something where he is not King Pin. For me, I am sensible most of the time and willingly do what I need to do to keep Old Parky at bay. Now and again however something comes your way that you just want to do and hang the consequences. Sometimes being sensible doesn’t cut it and you just want to join in. When that happens I don’t plan much for the following couple of days and let Parkinson’s do its worst, It’s a trade off I am prepared to accept for the pleasure I gain in doing something ‘normal’ I think of it as an occupational hazard these days.
Good luck for whatever you decide to do next and factor in a day or two in case you get Parkinson’s payback.

Hi Hemyock
You words have just given me more determination, I walk every day with my dog depends on the legs but sometimes 2 or 3 mile sometimes lot less depends if PD have the upper hand but I am determining to do our towns 10k run next year I have done it a couple of time (before I was diagnosed with PD) I have been wondering if I will be able to do it again as last few days have been really bad, But I am not letting this beat me yet I will put up with what ever PD throws at me after the event, my wife is not so encouraging but then I know she only thinking of me and the pain (Bless) I am 72 and have only been diagnosed for about a year think I am just about coming to terms with it , good luck in all you do

Hi Peterb1951, sorry to hear about your diagnosis in the last year. I’m glad my post has inspired you to fight back against PD. I’m going to try for a 75 km walk next Spring with the aim f doing the 100 km ultra challenge in the summer. Yes PD had a go back at me after the 50 km but it’s all back to normal now.
So we’ve got to keep having a go and I’m glad to hear you’re going to have a go at a 10 km run . Good on you , let me know how you get on . H

Tot sorry about the late reply. Wise words you speak and I’m glad you also have times when you give good old PD a pasting. I’m going for 75km next spring and will heed your advice and keep a couple of easy days free immediately after to allow PD to try his worst. Many thanks H

Thank you for your feedback you are so right. Every time I step up to days out or exercise I pay for it later, I was away with the grandkids last week theme parks and roller coasters. This week I have had two bad nights and days but onward and up wards Parky can go and whistle I will do it my way
Love to all Ptroop x

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Parky can go and whistle and I’ll do it my way. Wonderful expression. If you don’t mind I will use it alongide my own mantra ‘I have Parkinson’s, it doesn’t have me’