Beats medical App

Hi there, is anyone using the Beats Parkinson's medical app, any feedback? Sorry if this has already been asked.

thank you

Hi Richard

I was took part in a trial of the IPAD version. I found the speech function quite useful. It works by putting words and short sentences up on the screen. You say them and the graphical application gives you feedback on the strength / loudness of your voice. I found this useful as some days my voice is a bit hoarse / quiet and the feedback prompted me to speak more loud and clearly. The app also has dexterity and writing exercises to perform using the touch screen. If installed in an Iphone it also has a walking rhythm function.

Not yet working on android

I took part in an early trial of the metronome app, which seemed potentially useful.

since then I been receiving endless marketing calls.

on investigation I found that the app costs 1 Euro a day, with a "best seller" package at €330 annually.

given the number of free or even cheap apps, I think this looks like a very bad deal! You might even say it's exploitative ....