Bed Covers

Has anyone had difficulty covering themselves at night with their covers?

If so, do you have any advice on how this can be overcome or managed?

Thanks x
hello....just a thought...might work with bedcovers....

You might try a king size blanket -folded in half length wise, tucked in at bottom. This way, you'd be lying on it (1/2 of it),and the other 1/2 would be over you. I think this would make it easier to reach if the top layer slides off you....

I have to opposite problem....he pulls the blanket up, and I'm sweltering with the "sweating" I've had the past 10 yrs. I keep throwing the covers off, he puts them back on....:flushed::wink::flushed:
Share a bed with someone: my wife pulls back the cover when I wake up in the middle of the night to allow me to turn over. Fortunately she does it without really waking up so it doesn't disturb her sleep.
I have the problem, caused by a rotating husband, who pulls the duvet off me, and simultaneously puckers up the bottom sheet between us. In cold weather I have one of those snuggle blankets with sleeves, to supplement the moving duvet, in summmer I have an extra sheet to cover me. Unfortunately, I have not resolved the snoring problem (his snoring, not mine)
I have a friend who added tapes to the duvet covers, and tied the duvet to the legs of the bed.
good luck
Hi Wrinklygran,

I just wanted to comment on your husbands snoring.....I recently found out that snoring is an indication that he probably has sleep apnea. I've been tested for it, as I have it also. They are putting me on a cpap machine as they have found that if you have sleep apnea, you stop breathing (some numerous times) during the nite, and this can cause a stroke or heart attack. I also just read in this months Victoria magazine -about Grace Coolidge, and the article mentions that Calvin Coolidge in the 1930's, as president, also snored. He died at about 50 yrs old, from a heart attack in the nite. It was the only one that he had. So, you might want to have hubby checked for sleep apnea, before its too late.

My fiance' also pulls the covers off me, but usually its not when I'm having a "flash", or sweating, its usually when I'm already feeling cold....wish we could get it syncronized!:wink::flushed::exclamation:
Thanks for your advice re snoring, the problem has been addressed
We got round the problem by using a larger cover than the duvet and tucking the spare material under the mattress. This still leaves room for the duvet to be loosely laid over sleeping nbodies without ending up all on one side or the other
I may be old-fashioned but I use a top sheet and blanket partially tucked under the mattress, not a duvet. I never could get on with a duvet because I'm too restless.
Other solutions include fine Egyptian cotton or satin sheets that create much less friction when turning over. You can buy satin sheets that have a band of ordinary cotton where your feet go so that you don't slide off the bed too easily. If that's still not enough, wear satin or silk pyjama bottoms (shorts or trousers).
it dont mater wot i have on top of me at nite it always ends up on the floor,hence me nick name spaggetti legs:laughing:
Hi Brockmak, Is that spelled right? (It would be helpful if the person being replied to's name was inserted automatically. If I go back to check I lose the message!) I'm surprised no-one has suggested a silk duvet cover. I know you still have to pull it over you but it is easier to snuggle into than something more resistant to your skin. The fabric drapes nicely. Yes they are expensive, but mine washes well. (I do it on delicate was at 30degrees. Don't spin them too hard then they won't need ironing.) There are several websites that are less expensive than others! just google 'silk sheets'
i am in the process of buying 2 single duvets see if that helps will let you know . My husband also has trouble getting in and out of our bed its rather high I have placed a rubber mat beside the bed so that his feet doesnt slip . Seriously think of getting and electirc one that rises up or down
Bought the single duvets and they are working . Takes a while to get use to them .

Our house is very warm and I bought 4 tog much lighter for my husband to manage , also for myself when he needs my assistance .