Hi, I am at the moment, struggling to get out of bed. so much so that we are considering getting a automatic adjustable bed. However there seems to be a thousand and one beds to choose from, is there anybody with any ideas or who has been in this situation ?
Satin sheets and satin pyjamas seem to help some people although don't overdo the satin for fear of whizzing out of bed. Lots of people have this problem. I expect they will be posting.
We had a very high bed a my husband struGgled for a long time getting to get in and out on top of that couldn't turn over or adjust himself . He was given a grab tab which you attach to the side . This was a big help .

He is a very short man and eventually when I spoke to our district nurse about his struggle she said we needed a hospital bed which was all singing and dancing . Lowers enough to make it easy to get into and can be raised so that I can tend any personal needs ..

We had to wait a few months but we are now very grateful and wouldn't be managing without it .

Don't wait for anything that will make life easier and more comfortable . Ask for an assessment with a occupational therapist . Don't wait ..
some ideas
take your first med in bed before you get up
two pillows - being a better angle to start from
naked - bed clothes make it more difficult
firm mattress - soft absorbs the energy
do some stretches in bed first
plan your movements
get some momentum going
Occupational health got me a thing ( not very helpful I know, bear with me ) its an elongated "u" where yiou have 1ft of "u" a 90degree angle followed by 3ft of "| |",,the latter slides under ones mattress and the former protrudes to form a handy handle.

Also seek help about turning in bed from physio, it might not be a problem now,but by the time they get round to seeing you ... Anyway its a convoluted sequence of moves involving your legs and arms, that resembels semaphore.

They (occupational health& physios) are crying out for nice pwp to justify their existence and exorbitant wages.
Satin sheets: make sure you dontt have any hang nails or rough edges on your toe nails.
I invested in a fully adjustable bed, and now hang vertically from the ceiling it was the only position I had not tried "only joking" it is worthwhile you find the best position that suits.
Kindest Regards Fed