I'm fed up with waking sore, stiff and crampy in the morning. Anyone got any advice about beds, mattresses, pain killers, sleeping tablets, sheets, pyjames alcohol, tablet regimes etc so that I can get even ONE nights decent sleep

I get to sleep uite easily, wake up 4 or more times a night, as I'm all stiff and sore (oooh Matron!!!). Usually, as I'm awake I'll go to the loo for a wee, and then go back to bed sleeping on the other side of my body.

Every morning is a bit tiresome as I don't feel like I've had a good nights sleep

Any ideas?
what night time meds do you take?
what kind of mattress are you on?
do you have trouble breathing?

some thoughts
soreness may mean not enough meds during night
naked is best in bed (!) because pyjamas make turning difficult
i believe in firm beds (newtons 3rd law of turning in bed)
a saline nasal spray helps clear breathing
do some stretching in bed when you wake up
We have a couple of friends that have bought foam memory mattress toppers and swear by them. One of them suffers from Chrons Disease and say he has had good nights sleep since he bought this. It was n't too dear about £20 from poundstretchers so it's not too dear to try Hope you get some relief either way:)
Hi spam95,
I’m sure others have loads of advice on these issues but it would be a good idea to call the helpline on this one. It's at 0808 800 0303 or hello(at)

There is an adviser there who can help specifically with equipment and adaptations and can make suggestions for finding a suitable bed or mattress.

You could also try satin sheets which I hear make it easier to turn in bed. The helpline adviser can suggest online shops where you can get these.

A helpline nurse can help you to take a look at how you’re managing your medication regime.

FInally, there is the Q&A transcript on sleep and nighttime problems in Parkinson’s which can offer advice to help you stay asleep at night. You can find it here:

I hope it helps!
The Wendylett sliding sheet system made all the difference for me.

They can be ordered via the internet or your local health Authority will prescribe them free of charge if approved by your OT. Wendylett sheets have a silky finish to them which allows you to move and turn in bed. Since i got my Wendylett sheets i have found its a lot easier to turn in bed and to find a comfortable sleeping position. Attached is the Wendylett prescribing guidelines for Devon health authority to give you some idea of what I'm talking about.

Warning, don't wear silk pyjamas in bed if you have the Wendylett sheet system fitted, otherwise you will slide around the bed and probably end up on the floor...:fearful:
i have been diagnosed 7years and have recently started waking early with back ache stiff neck,thought about new mattress ,already have a memory foam mattress, new adjustable bed?, put off by cost, so settled on Harley foam bed wedge and leg raiser not cheap but cheaper than adjustable bed and seems to work. from health and care 0207 931 8766,,perhaps playing golf 3 times a week contributes to the sore back, but a little pain if can keep moving