Been along time

Hi everyone it's been 5 months since been on here sorry hope u are all doing ok help needed please having problem swallowing  so much saliva in mouth got med but had cough. For 31/2months now with pain in shoulder and kneck pluss severe pain going down my right arm into my hand which then cramps  keep having to force myself to swallow and keep clearing my throat every 2mins also got bleed at the back of eye with my eyesight loss of over 40 per cent since march got hospital appointment set up but thought so help from here would help do u think it is pd related THANKYOU


Hi Terri,

I've only just seen your post. 

I can't see how the problems with your eyes are related specifically to PD. It's good you are getting someone professional to look at that for you.

Re: your swallowing problems, this difficulty is to be expected, especially the sensation of things 'getting stuck' or being more effortful. Have you been referred to a speech therapist to look into this? If not you could ask you GP to refer you for an assessment. Or your PD nurse perhaps?  

Sometimes in PD, people feel as though they are producing more saliva than usual, however it is often the case that they are swallowing their saliva less often, thus allowing it to build up and be more noticeable. This build up may be the exact thing that makes you throat clear-especially if a little bit of saliva trickles down the back of you throat towards your voice box. Of course it could be unrelated, but see what your speech therapist thinks. This article on speech and language therapy and swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) gives you more information about what a dysphagia assessment entails.

Hope it helps.