Been given high rate mobility

Have received letter today saying I'm entitled to high rate mobility.
I would like to know if my partner who is a learner driver is allowed to be the main named driver.I have a 3 yr licence that runs out next year.
I have 3 teenage boys plus at weekends my partners 3 children stay over.Also have 2 stafffy dogs who are very lively who often come out with us.I use a wheelchair,so need a people carrier with as much space as can.Any suggestions on best make and model to suit my needs.I know will have to pay extra,also know all kids don't fit in.
Take care Dot x

:grin:Hi Dotty, Where have you been. I am afraid I do not have an answer to your question. Why not ask the main car dealer who you choose to get your car from. If they don't know they will fall over their selves trying to find out for you.
Take care

Hi Dotty I'm coming to live near your Atos assessment office. Sounds like they have a rogue employee. I'm probably too late, they would have been sacked or shot the minute your letter hit the mat.

hi dotty,ive just got my new car for the next 3 years,ive not drove for 6 years now i get drivern around by daughter or friend,your partner should be able to drive the car as long as l plate are on it,ive got a peugeot 30008 its best car ive had,it is a big car looks like a severn seater but only has 5 seats,but the boot is massive.i no that ford do severn seaters galaxery or ford semax are very good cars which would be sutible for the amout of people and dogs.hope this helps:smile:

Hi Dotty,
First of all, congratulations on getting the higher rate of the mobility element of DLA.
The thing to do is to visit the motability website where you will see the range of vehicles available.

Thanks for the replies,sorry taken so long.Recently upped my neuro patches and started taking amitriptyline,feeling a bit better.Finding it hard not being able to be so independent,have to rely on people to take me anywhere:imp:.Have a self propelled wheelchair but most of the time right arm isn't strong enough to do it myself.My partner is struggling as well,has kidney stones and having tests for crohns hate seeing him struggle and in pain pushing me.Thought I would have been happy getting high mobility,but actually its quite depressing.

What strength Neuro patch and Amitriptyline r u on ?

My husband is on a 6mg patch and 10 mg Amitriptyline which he takes to go to bed . The Amitriptyline along with Sinemet CR helps him at night .

I'm on 4mg neupro patches and 20mg amitriptyline,also take sinemet plus,entacapone 4 xs day,azelect and 60mg codeine as needed.waiting for an injection in my back.