I have been very concerned for some time now by the loss of our wildlife,especially the pollinators which play such a crucial roll in food production world wide, I remember when my garden was home to three species of bee
they built nests in my rockery a hollow tree trunk and a old wall,even wasps were
tolerated,Harvest Flies stormed around searching for nectar, natures bribe to persuade them in their essential duty, pollination!
Apparently insecticides are causing havoc with our tiny Allies destroying their
Brains and rewarding them for keeping the Human race alive for the past 100=000yrs
or so by gifting them the insect equivalent of Alzeimers, how kind of us eh,there
is talk of banning it for a two year period to see what happens, GIVE ME STRENGTH
if its destroying their Brains what about ours,we have terminal Brain damage, all of you reading this will have encountered insecticides in one form or another, perhaps when walking your dog,the pungent odour as the Farmer sprays his spring
barley, or in my case as I sprayed crops while in the Agriculture phase of my
much varied and many forms of employ,and of course there is the accumulating effect of over 100yrs of interfering with Nature in this horribly dangerous way
I know from experience when spraying even the slightest breeze can carry the poison half a mile from the nozzles,it is probably one of the main causes of PD
but try proving it,any proof will be well hidden, makes you think doesn't it.

:cry::disappointed: Fedex
There is so much truth in that, Fedex.