Beginners' Square Dance Courses

There are beginners' square dance courses starting this month in various towns in the UK. A full list can be found on the national website, All clubs follow the Callerlab syllabus and courses lead to Mainstream level, at which point dancers can take part in square dance events anywhere in the world. Visits to other clubs are normally free.

Please note that the above website is the only one in the UK that lists official square dance clubs, so if you are looking for a caller for an event or to set up a new club, please use this site for your information. There seem to be quite a few people advertising themselves as "square dance callers" who are unqualified, which not only wastes dancers' time (because they fail to teach the correct syllabus) but may mean that they do not have the requisite training in health and safety. The callers' professional association is Callerlab, which sets the syllabus at international level. Details can be found on under Dance Programs.

Could you let us know what adjustments are made to allow Parkinsons sufferers to take part in your dance classes?

Many use walking aids or are in wheelchairs.


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I'm a gunna set me up me own dance thinga-me-jig here dahn south! 

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Hi Zoe

Can you just confirm that these classes are suitable for Parkinson's patients and their varying mobility problems.

Is it necessary to request a caller who has experience of including such dancers in the classes?



I am not sure what you find silly in the questions, Pokermid, or why you think the moderators can answer them better than the person advertising the classes.

My husband always loved dancing and I have learnt to check with the organisers before taking him along to dance sessions.

He found it humiliating when we went along to a ballroom dancing class on a cruise and he couldn't cope with the pace or the crowd of dancers.

On the other hand we enjoyed 10 sessions run at our local Dance Studio for older people with mobility problems.

The sessions began with seated warm-ups and each week we learned a short sequence of different styles.

We finished with a seated cool-down session.

The experience was lovely and catered for various difficulties.

As the poster has advertised on this site over a number of years, I wanted to check it was Parkinson's friendly before urging our dance providers to look at the possibility of arranging a square dance in our area.

Yes, PWP can make their own minds up, but they need info to do that.

You may be well enough to turn up and have a go at mainstream sessions with leaders who are not catering for mobility problems but we need to know that we are welcome and will be able to take part.


I would have thought square dancing would pose problems for many PWP's because of the sudden turns and need to be aware of people coming from all directions..  I am lucky with my meds but I do have to watch I don't change direction too suddenly.  Has someone recommended square dancing for PWP's as opposed to, say, tango - known to help PD symptoms - or ballroom dancing where hopefully a  couple can give other couples a wide berth... 

I was replying to a post  questioning the need to ask about the suitableness  of these classes for PWP....but it has disappeared!

It would be nice if Zoe posted answers.Like Eileenpatricia I had not considered square dancing as possible for most PWPs.

We are attending a day of dance in October, run as part of the Older People's Celebration Day in Leeds and are looking forward to it. It is being supported by a number of organisations such as The Altzheimers Society and all difficulties will be catered for.

Anyone else having such events in their area?


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