Beginning Medication

Hi There Folks, My wife`s just about to start Her Parkinson`s Medication, does anyone have any tips or advice? Regards,Cowboy101
Titrate up slowly !!! The neuro's seem to rush you into increasing the dose, not giving your body a chance to adjust. That is when the side effects get worse.

In my experience it doesn't work, so increase very slowly.

Hi Cowboy101

I agree with Carolineb211, 14 months ago after DX my neuro sent me on my way with a schedule to slowly up medication...i didn't take his advice as i felt ok with only mild symptoms, under some further suggestion from PD nurse i reluctantly started taking 3 62.5mg Sinemet a day, then reduced it to two. I'm now weaned off the Sinemet (my choice as afraid of possible long term dyskenesias)and taking 1 x 2mg Requip XL a day although again have had it suggested i up this to 4mg a day as lowest recommended dose and i will only do this when I'M ready! I also take a 1mg Azilect daily.
Trust your own body(your wifes!)start low...wait a while to out if life factors affect her(anxiety/work/monthly's) to these...up meds if you feel the need or keep on dose that suits her.

Best of luck, best wishes

Hubby has been on his meds for three weeks now and at first he took one per day for three days and two for the next three days and then up to three. As Caroline says take it slowly and if you have any doubts ring your doctor or your PD nurse if you are in contact with one. He is taking Co-careldopa 10/100mg at the moment.
i was reminded recently
to ensure that there was a clear hour between having a meal containg protein and taking medication. i try to time it so that i take my medication either an hour before i eat or an hour after. it really has helped, although it took a while to get into a routine

also i have noticed that if i eat a lot of junk food, the medication does not
seem to be as effective, and i feel unwell. as soon as i revert to healthy balanced meals i feel lots better. although i know this i sometomes find it hard to eat well when out of routine.